Parking Information

Parking for the AdvoCare Texas Kickoff is coming soon!

Pricing TBD

  • Platinum
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Lexus VIP Valet

Accessible Parking

Parking spaces are available for guests with disabilities on the north and south sides of NRG Stadium and passes for these spaces can be pre-purchased, subject to availability.

In addition to this parking pass from the Texans, fans must have a Texas Disabled Person Parking Placard. The person possessing the Texas Disabled Person Parking Placard must also be in the vehicle to park in a space reserved for guests with disabilities. These items will be monitored and strictly enforced, so please have both placards visibly displayed in your car while on NRG Park property. Violation of these regulations may result in forfeiture of the parking pass. Please note that specific parking spaces cannot be reserved.

For limited mobility guests, drop off and pick up points have been designated on the southeast (Amegy Bank Gate) and northeast (BHP Billiton Gate) corners of NRG Stadium. Drivers may access these locations off of Kirby onto Westridge or NRG Parkway (McNee), respectively, by alerting the parking attendant that they are dropping off or picking up a guest. Once the guest is dropped off, drivers should leave and proceed to the H-E-B Parking Lot for which they have a parking pass.

For limited mobility guests using the light rail system, there is a shuttle that will pick up at the Fannin light rail stop and drop off near the BHP Billiton Gate. The shuttle will also be available at the conclusion of the game for the return trip to the Fannin stop.

Motorcycle Parking

Every motorcycle must have a parking pass and must park in a single parking space. Multiple motorcycles may not be parked in the same space.

Emergency Call Boxes

For the safety and comfort of our fans, there are emergency call boxes in all parking lots. The red boxes marked “Emergency” are located throughout each parking lot (see map on page 24) and ring directly to Stadium security. Please use the emergency call boxes only in the case of a serious emergency.

Parking Code of Conduct

The H-E-B Parking Lots at NRG Park are there for your convenience and enjoyment. We not only allow tailgating in the parking lots, we encourage it!

Every effort is made to create a fan-friendly environment that is safe for all to enjoy. Our fans play a large role in this. In order to maintain a safe and fun environment, we ask that all fans follow directions given by the NRG Park staff. They are there to assist you and make parking safe and fun for everyone.

Those who do not adhere to the parking guidelines and/or participate in activities that create an unsafe environment will be held responsible.

Taxi and Hotel Shuttle Services

Taxis and hotel shuttles may drop off and pick up in the Green Lot near the south pedestrian bridge over Kirby Drive to the Stadium. Taxis are staged in this location post-game so guests do not need to call ahead for a cab.

Uber/Ride Sharing Services

Uber and other ride sharing services will pick up and drop off in the Brown Lot located on Maine and Murworth near the Green Lot.

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